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Get to know Arielle

Explore the journey Arielle has taken in her development as an artist & designer.


For as long as she can remember, Arielle has found her place in the world through creative expression. Her time as a child was filled with painting, drawing, dancing, playing with clay, baking elaborate desserts, inventing games, putting on shows, making jewelry, exploring, experimenting, and creating with whatever she could get her hands on.


As a teenager, Arielle began developing her technical skills as an artist in several mediums, often combining multiple disciplines and techniques into the same work.

In this early work, you can she had started to incorporate found objects to create collage style, multi-dimensional pieces. Arielle earned AP college credit for both her 2D & 3D Art & Design portfolios.

At the same time as Arielle was creating paintings and sculptures, she was developing in her other passion: dance. Arielle began dance at age 9. At age 16, she choreographed her first solo piece, and she fell in love with this creative modality.

She began creating solo and group works in a youth modern company and spending her summers at the North Carolina School of the Arts conservatory program. She began to see choreography as a way to create living, breathing, ephemeral works of art.
The Question of What to Pursue

Arielle knew a carrer in the arts was her future, but deciding between a degree in visual art or performing art was a difficult decision. While part of her loved the freedom that came from working for hours alone on a physical art peice, what was pulling her more strongly to a career in dance was the community that forms around performance art. Her strongest relationships were built in the dance studio and on the stage. She saw a future where she would create her own community through the formation of a dance company.


Arielle spent 4 years at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance, and a BA in Communications.

Her work was selected to be presented at the American College Dance Festival her Senior, and Junior Year, an extremely rare achievement. She was the recipient of the Margery J. Turner Award for sustained choreographic excellence.

Her work was selected to be presented at the American College Dance Festival her Senior, and Junior Year, an extremely rare achievement. She was the recipient of the Margery J. Turner Award for sustained choreographic excellence.

Zella Dance

Upon graduating Arielle immediate began creating her dance company as she had invisioned. Her company Zella Dance was incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2013. She created several new works with the company, and presented them at festivals and showcases across New York City, New Jersey, and Boston. In July 2015, she self produced a full evening length show consisting entirely of her company’s work.

During this time she also worked as the rehearsal assistance for Brian Brooks Moving Company for his Joyce Residency. To earn additional income, Arielle taught barre and spin classes, as well as dance classes for kids and teenagers.

For full length videos of the majority of Arielle's solo and group choreography can be found on her Youtube channel.

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Shillington School

The spring of 2015 brought upon feelings of unrest and unease for Arielle, as she began to grasp the financial reality of a career as a modern dance choreographer. Her boyfriend at the time, now husband, Mike was living in Manhattan with a roommate who was a graphic designer. Arielle became enamored with the career. It seems like a way to use her creativity and visual art skills in a way that would have pragmatic and functional applications and could create real world impact. In pursuit of this new potential career path, Arielle completed the Summer 2015 intensive at Shillington College of Graphic Design in New York, NY.

Graphic Design

In August 2015, Arielle moved with Mike to Buffalo, NY so he could attend Dental School, and she embarked on her new career as a graphic designer. She immediately began taking on freelance design jobs for small businesses across the country. Locally, she was hired as the in-house design and brand manager for Ashker’s, a restaurant group with multiple locations in upstate New York.

Website, User Interface & User Experience Design

While in Buffalo, Arielle began a working with a local entrepreneur, Lena Levine, who was building her own Web Development company, Forcoda. Over the course of 5 years, Arielle worked with on countless design projects with companies across the country. As Lena sold larger and more complex projects, it fell on Arielle to learn the skills necessary to complete the deliverables. This very often required Arielle to self-learn new software and skills, and Arielle rose to the occasion every time. She is self taught in Figma, Sketch and Webflow. She delivered wire frames, created user flows, and performed QA. She work alone and in groups on the creating of dozens of websites and applications. She worked with long time established companies like M&T Bank as they created a new banking app for lawyers. She worked with a block-chain start-up to develop a brand new debt monitoring software. She worked on the design of a software necessary for fiber optic network companies to cost estimate the price of a new project, the UI/UX for teachers to gauge the learned outcomes achieved by their students from an online education game, and many more projects.

Zella Creative

In 2017, Arielle launched her own graphic design company, Zella Creative, to be able to market and sell her design work in the context of a polished and professional entity. Through the company, she has been contracted by a diverse array of businesses in fields such as food & beverage, medicine, & fitness for projects across print and digital mediums.

A Shift in Focus

In the fall of 2020, Arielle realized that graphic design was not fully satisfying her desire for a career in the arts. At this point she decided to leave Forcoda, and devoting her time to pursuing visual art more seriously. She spent much of this fall and winter creating new works in the many different mediums she had learned over the past two decades.

Zella Made

Arielle has always felt a pull towards entrepreneurship. In the Spring of 2021, Arielle was struck with a business idea she felt would be an ideal fusion of both her creative and business sides. This new venture, Zella Made, was an e-commerce platform founded with the mission of providing independent artists and creatives with a way to sell both their handmade creations as well as reproductions of their art and designs on functional goods. She felt that not only could this provide artists with a revenue stream beyond what they could achieve from just the sale of their physical art, but would allow for many more people to be able to own and interact with art and artists they love on products they use everyday. Zella Made launched in June 2021 as a fully functional e-commerce platform selling products with artwork & designs by several contracted artists. The project was put on hold in late 2021 due to trademark disputes.

Hello Lovely Workshop

With Zella Made forced into a pause, thinking quickly as to a way to put her newly developed E-commerce knowledge to work in a new way, Arielle developed Hello Lovely Workshop. Hello Lovely Workshop is a custom design t-shirt company that operates through print-on demand systems, and Etsy POS. Customers order t-shirts and other items designed by Arielle, which are then customized to order, before being printed and shipped by multiple fulfillment partner directly to the customers.


Today, Arielle is continuing to devote her time to developing herself as an artist, designer, and entrepreneur She is working on many new mixed media works, has a regular ceramics practice, and is continuing to run the operations of Hello Lovely Workshop. A new business venture has begun its development in the spring of 2022, and Arielle plans to announce the project soon.